Fluoro UV Resins GULFF

What happens when a maximum fluorescent effect is combined with stunning colours? The fish find it hard to resist the temptation. We know that predatory fish in particular strike their teeth in the colours represented by Gulff. Thus, the colour range is not randomly selected. Because of the teeth of predatory the new resin mix withstands even harder impacts and provides a long service life for the fly.

Gulff Max FL. Red 15ml
Gulff Max FL. Pink 15ml
Gulff Max FL. White 15ml
Gulff Max FL. Olive 15ml
Gulff Max FL. Chartreuse 15ml
Gulff Max FL. Orange 15ml


We can mention that GULFF's UV resin products are:

  • biodegradable  
  • not listed as a carcinogen (IARC)
  • not subjected to know marine pollutant according to IMDG Code
  • not subjected to environmentally hazardous substance according to ADN

Fluoro UV Resins GULFF

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Product Name Price Qty
Fluoro UV Resin GULFF Red 15ml
Fluoro UV Resin GULFF Pink 15ml
Fluoro UV Resin GULFF White 15ml
Fluoro UV Resin GULFF Olive 15ml
Fluoro UV Resin GULFF Chartreuse 15ml
Fluoro UV Resin GULFF Orange 15ml